Students ages six and up are placed in the general division if they are seeking dance training as a fun and casual experience. Classes are taught by professional faculty members who understand and appreciate every child’s desire to take dance in a recreational environment. Our goal is to provide the best technique training to General Division students. This Division is structured for the student to not only sharpen their skills in both dance and musicality, but to have fun, and learn to love dance as a way of self expression.

Students in the General Division study ballet technique through a carefully derived curriculum that includes barre, center, stretch, and strengthening exercises. Our approach to this level is one of self expression, imagination, and hands on attention to detail. The General Division classes are for those who desire a limited time commitment.


2021-2022 classes start September 11. 2021

1st grade
Tap I | 30 minute class
Jazz/Tap Combo | 60 minute class
Hip Hop I | 30 minute class

1st & 2nd grade
Ballet I/II | 60 minute class
Jazz I/II | 30 minute class

1st – 3rd grade
Hip Hop I-III | 30 minute class

2nd grade
Jazz II | 45 minute class
Tap II | 30 minute class

2nd – 3rd grade
Hip Hop II/III | 45 minute class

K – 3rd grade
All Boys Hip Hop | 30 minute class

3rd grade
Jazz III | 45 minute class
Tap III | 45 minute class

3rd & 4th grade
Ballet III/IV | 60 minute class

4th grade
Jazz IV | 60 minute class
Tap IV | 45 minute class

4th & 5th grade
Hip Hop IV/V | 45 minute class
Modern IV/V | 60 minute class

4 – 6 year olds
Pre-Tap | 30 minute class

5th & 6th grade
Ballet V/VI/VII | 60 minute class
Tap V/VI | 45 minute class

6th grade & up
Teen Jazz | 60 minute class

7th grade & up
Teen Ballet | 60 minute class
Teen/Adult Tap | 60 minute class
Hip Hop | 45 minute class

Adult Ballet | 60 minute class

K – 3
All Boy’s Ballet | 60 minute class

11 Years Old and Up with Previous Training:
Ballet: Placement Class Required
Tap: Placement Class Required
Modern: Placement Class Required

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