Who We Are

The growth and success of the New Albany Ballet Company has led it to be one of the premier training academies in the state. Our unique approach to training the dancer, as well as our attention to detail, sets us apart from our competitors.


NABC has been the one constant source of socialization for all 3 of my kiddos this summer- A summer without camps or the pool or play dates. We have taken an abundance of caution with covid and are grateful that, while keeping them virtual in the fall, we can feel confident in the precautionary measures NABC has in place (temp checks, social distancing, masks, huge, state of the art, well-ventilated studio) to offer some level of normalcy and peer interaction for our kids. Don’t know what we’d do without that connection. If you’re looking for a second to none studio, urge you to check out their open house this Thursday!
– Katie Irwin Campanile
We will forever be grateful to New Albany Ballet Company as they have provided so much for our daughters in the past 10 years. The building alone inspires the students to dance! The teachers are outstanding and professional. The precise focus on technique prepares the students to achieve all of their dance goals. The teachers have created an environment of care, continuous learning and friendship. They not only help their students develop into strong dancers but they teach confidence, compassion, teamwork and perseverance, allowing them to grow both inside and outside the studio. It is definitely a place of comfort for our girls and we appreciate that so much!
– Traci Moore, mom to Gianna and Julia
Our daughter began attending NABC in 2018 when she attended the The Beauty and the Beast summer camp. The whole family came to watch her perform on the last day of camp, and we immediately fell in love with the entire experience, from the wonderful teachers to the welcoming, peaceful atmosphere of the studio. The day after she performed at the camp, my dad passed away unexpectedly; her camp performance was the last time we saw him. What brings me so much joy is that he got to see his granddaughter perform in her very first ballet recital. He was completely in awe as he watched her dance that day, and he said that he hoped we would continue bringing her to NABC for classes. So we have. The dance camps have become the sweetest summer tradition for us, and this fall, she will begin her third year dancing ballet at NABC. We are so grateful that she has such a beautiful place to dance and grow. Precious memories have already been made here, and we’re looking forward to the years to come at this exquisite studio!
– Elizabeth Vennon