Please refer to the New Albany Ballet Company Handbook for a complete listing of New Albany Ballet Company policies.

A parent may decide to withdraw a child at any point in our season. Refunds will not be given for any withdrawal within a quarter. If a parent withdraws a child before December 1 then winter quarter tuition will not be billed. If a parent withdraws a child before March 1 then spring quarter tuition will not be billed. Costume fees will be due in full by November 1st and costumes will be ordered the following week. If a child withdraws after payment for the costume has been made there will be no refund. Costumes will be available for pick up in March. All costumes are ordered in November and cannot be returned or cancelled due to costume company regulations. All withdrawals must be made through e-mail directly to Withdrawals from the program can no longer be made by stopping into the office. An e-mail will be required for complete withdrawals. Tuition will be billed until a withdrawal e-mail has been received by the director.

Tuition Refunds/Credits
No refunds or credits will be given unless the following: 1. A serious injury or illness results in the student being unable to continue. A doctor’s note will be required. 2. The student moves out of a 45 mile radius from NABC. 3. A drastic change in the finances of the family occurs. Please e-mail the director to explain. In the event that one of our Pre Ballet or Little Ballet students are resistant to attending classes a credit for the remainder tuition will be given and needs to be used within one year from the start of the current quarter. We understand and appreciate these situations and will try our best to find a comfortable and secure class for each of our youngest dancers.

Dress Code

Parents are asked to read the dress code policy carefully. It is the parent’s responsibility to follow the dress code set forth as well as the required hair code for each class.

All parents are required to give the office a current e-mail address at the beginning of the season. Quarterly newsletters, tuition reminders, recital information, and important date reminders will all be made by e-mail. Please also friend New Albany Ballet Company on Facebook to receive current information.

You may contact the faculty of NABC by e-mail:
Tara Miller, Studio Owner
Ellen Selegue, Office Manager
Barbra Fograscher, Boutique Manager
Teacher e-mails will be released by permission of the teacher. Each teacher will hand out an e-mail address to use on the first class. Parents are asked to use e-mail for communication with each teacher. Please do not try and speak with your child’s teacher before or after class.

Voice Mail:
Our office phone number is (614) 939-9058. The office manager will check messages between 3:30–4:00pm Monday-Thursday and on Saturday mornings by 9am. If you need to notify the office of a child’s absence please note these times. Messages will be checked throughout the day on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday until 1:30pm as well. The office will only be open until 1:30pm on Friday. Any message left on the office voicemail after 1:30pm on Friday will NOT be retrieved until Saturday morning.

Liability Release
Dance training is demanding on the body. All students run the risk of being injured in class. As a parent of a student, you must agree that you understand these risks and do not hold the New Albany Ballet Company faculty, the New Albany Children’s Ballet Theatre faculty and board members, and the artistic director responsible for any injuries, loss of property, or illness during attendance at the school or any related field trips or performances.

Photo Release/Social Media
Each parent gives permission for their child to be photographed for promotional purposes. All students will also be videotaped during the recital. Any concerns need to be directed to the Artistic Director. Each parent and student also agrees to NOT place pictures or videos of other students or teachers on the internet or any social networking site without the permission of the student’s parents or the teacher. No student or parent is permitted to represent NABC or NACBT on any websites or social media.

Emergency Medical Release
Each parent gives permission for emergency medical care of his or her child. Any concerns need to be made in writing and turned into the office prior to the second class.

Religious/Holiday Issues
If you would prefer your child to not be involved in certain classes due to your religious beliefs please let the teacher know. We often celebrate a current holiday with special holiday themed stickers, candies, or other goodies handed out at the end of each class. Please also let your child’s teacher know if certain allergies or dietary restrictions exist. We also use holiday music at times that is always classical and will not contain any vocals affiliated with religious beliefs.

Drop off and Pick up Procedures
We ask all parents of our Pre Ballet, Little Ballet, Little Ballet/Tap, and Pre Primary students remain in the studio during the duration of class. Parents of all Primary Ballet and older students may use our drop off and pick up procedures. Parents are asked to park either in the front or back parking lot for drop off and pick up. We have plenty of parking in the back parking lot. Please park there if our front parking lot is full. Do not park in the parking lots of our neighboring buildings.

Volunteer Opportunities
Please notify our office manager if you are interested in volunteer opportunities. Our school would not be successful without our wonderful parents.

Lobby/Restrooms/Common Area

NABC strives to have one of the nicest dance facilities in Columbus. We ask our parents to help keep the school clean and safe for our students. Please throw trash and personal belongings away when leaving the school. If you see anything that needs our attention please do not hesitate to let us know.

Class/Studio Conduct
No gum, food, or drink is allowed in any of the four studios. All street shoes must be removed prior to entering any studio. Disrupted behavior in any class is not tolerated. The teacher is responsible for communicating any behavior issues to the parent. Children under the age of six are not permitted to be unattended at any time unless they are in a class. Please do your best to pick up your child on time. The school is not responsible for any child except during the duration of their class. If you are running late please call the office. No child is allowed to be left unattended. Parents that need to speak with their child’s teacher may do so by leaving a note for them in their box. Please give to the office manager and she will put it in the appropriate box. Due to our class schedule, between classes is not a good time to have a conversation with the teacher. Please do not allow younger students to play in the studios at any time. Tardiness/Missed Classes Students who arrive more then ten minutes late for class may be asked by the teacher to observe. This is for the safety of our students. Any missed classes may be made up in a similar or a level below at any time. Please refer to your season schedule. If your child is to miss more then one consecutive class a phone call to the office is required. If after three classes we have not heard from the student’s parent that student may be removed from our class roster. No refund or credit will be given.

If a student becomes injured at any point in class he/she will need to notify the teacher immediately. The teacher will guide the student accordingly.

Personal Belongings/Locker Room

Students are asked to bring all dance bags and dance shoes to class at all times. If a student has more than one class in any given day they will need to keep all required dance shoes with them at all times. Students will no longer be permitted to go to the locker room to change shoes. Shoes will be changed in the dance room of their next consecutive class. School bags and coats may be stored in the locker room. These items should be hung on the hooks along the wall or set on the benches. Students are asked to throw all garbage away in the locker room’s trash can or the trash can in the lobby. This includes but not limited to all food wrappers, water bottles, band aid wrappers, pointe shoe items and all personal items.

Inclement Weather Policy

If NA schools are closed for the full day due to weather, we will also be closed for the entire day.

If NA schools have a 2 hour delay due to the weather, we will not have any morning classes but will have any classes that start at noon or later.

If inclement weather starts later in the day or on a Saturday, we will make a decision on whether to stay open or not and send an email to the entire school.
If the same class has to be cancelled 3 times or more, we will work out some make up times for you.  If a class is canceled 2 times or less, no make up class is needed.  However, if you are in a class that meets only one time a week and you want to make up a snow day, that is fine.  You would just come to a class that is the same level as your current class or the level below your current class.
Recital Backstage Pick Up Policy
Each year we work really hard to provide the most exciting, fun, and safe recital experience for our youngest dancers. Our policy of not releasing any dancers from the dressing rooms until after the entire recital is complete has been in effect since our very first recital twenty-six years ago. Having the parents get up during the recital and try and leave is not only disturbing to those audience members trying to watch but is also very disrespectful to those dancers who have not danced yet. Each of our dancers deserves a full audience whether they are number one or twenty-one in the show. Even though we have stated this policy in our recital packet each year we always have a parent or two who are not adhering to the policy. It is our intent to provide a safe environment and a positive experience. For additional safety, protection, and adherence, we will have a deputy sheriff backstage who will help us enforce our backstage policies and maintain a safe environment for your child. Please know that your child is fine backstage. Recital is a great moment in these children’s lives and one they will cherish for years!