As a reminder:
White Cast: Friday 7pm & Saturday 2pm shows
Green Cast: Saturday 7pm & Sunday 1pm shows
Red Cast: Sunday 5pm show

For rehearsal dates, times as well as additional important information, please click the appropriate link below for your cast member:

Baby Sugar Plums:
Baby Sugar Plums: White & Red Cast
Baby Sugar Plums: Green Cast

Little Princess:
Little Princess: White Cast
Little Princess: Green Cast
Little Princess: Red Cast

Baby Mice:
Baby Mice: Red & White Cast
Baby Mice: Green Cast

Bon Bons:
Bon Bons: White Cast
Bon Bons: Green Cast
Bon Bons: Red Cast

Bon Bon Chefs:
Bon Bon Chefs: White Cast
Bon Bon Chefs: Green Cast
Bon Bon Chefs: Red Cast

Dragonettes: White & Red Cast
Dragonettes: Green Cast

Angels: White & Red Cast
Angels: Green Cast

Party Scene:
Party Scene – 4A
Party Scene – 1A

Party Scene and Candy Canes:
6A – Nutcracker & YAGP

Battle Scene & Gingersnaps:
Battle Scene & Gingersnaps- 5A & Ballet Tech Dancers

Arabian Attendants:
Arabian Attendants

7A & Pre-Pro Master Schedule:
7A & Pre-Pro Master Schedule